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wir für diese Aufgabe auch gute Ideen. If fifteen electrons are sitting all by themselves over in this potential well, you shift those fifteen electrons. Morton: I didnt realize that. Die Rückseite kann sehr gut für Informationen genützt werden. This could be an analog signal, because there can be anything from zero to the full amount of charge. Smith: The picture phone died before the CCD got to picture phone status. When a beam of light is sent in, a photon will make an electron-hole pair. Morton: How did you end up at Penn? When there were huge dimensions we had a two-dimensional models for the devices. Smith: I became a member as soon as I went into the device area.

Smith American physicist
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And up and make it a true digital device where there would either be charge in there or not. In the beginning I was thinking of theoretical physics, but then I realized that I wanted to get my hands dirty and went into experimental physics. Smith: I started out being born in White Plains, and I guess the only comment is that when I retired, as I had been planning for several years, I jumped in my boat and started sailing around the world. When he retired another fellow who is the editor now, John Brews, took over. The first conference was held at the university museum and the professors for whom I was doing these measurements gave papers at the first conference on the lifetimes of germanium. Smith: I got the rules out and sent for the forms that I had to fill out, filled out the forms and flew to Las Vegas and picked a hotel. He was in one of his down periods when I graduated from high school and I joined the Navy. Morton: How short was it? You are lucky to be able to do that. Smith, smith received his bachelors degree in physics from the University of Pennsylvania and his masters and doctorate in physics from the University of Chicago.