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Speculators use futures in the hope of profiting from predicted exchange rate orge Soros, one of the most famous currency speculators, earned.1 billion in less than a month by speculating on the decline of the British pound.

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Exclusive market insights, leverage our experts market analysis and trade ideas to maximize your trading potential and realize your financial goals. Anybody can hit on a sudden luck and make a big profit, but what matters is to make profits in a consistent manner. Bitcoin/USD Finally, the bitcoin is showing some signs of action. DO: The basics are much more that learning the terms and jargons used in the trade; you have to learn about trading platforms and strategies, and tools too. Information for Beginners: Successful FX trading depends on trading strategies. In forward transactions, the buyer and seller agree an exchange rate for a specified date in the future, and the money doesnt change hands until then.